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New service for artists makes updating an online portfolio easy!

By Team on August 14 2015, an exciting new platform for artists who are looking for an easier way to update their online portfolio, today announced the launch of its service...

“Our platform and its tools at allow an artist (or graphic designer) using them to automatically generate a body of their work based on what they post to social media. The goal is to enable artists who use the platform to easily keep a working portfolio while being competitive in the marketplace,” said Mike Jeffrey, co-creator. “We started this project for our own needs – like every working artist, I have had that moment when I needed my portfolio to look its best, but I’m guilty of letting it get out of date. automatically generates, manages, and organizes my portfolio for me.”

On the surface, looks similar to other services, but what differentiates from the competition is the automatic ingestion and organization of creative pieces. With our inventive hashtag-based sorting, an artist can post their finished or in-progress pieces through social media, and have it appear in an attractive grid-view on their page. is being developed by co-creator; Michael Dogan, Mike Jeffrey, and Nathan Myles in Halifax, Nova Scotia – Together, they have over 25 years of experience in art, graphic design, and software development with a passion for creating fantastic products and software for the web.

The service is available now to a limited number of accounts (1,000) with an Early Access code.

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