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Post work to your portfolio with social media.

Posting an Image

What is the significance of hashtags?
Hashtags are's method of getting your creatives into your portfolio. When you compose your post text, the #Postfolio hashtag can appear anywhere in your message. Additionally, you should use hashtags to add filters to your portfolio, such as #sketch, #drawing, or #logo to name just a few. Here's a perfect example of posting from social media to Note the hashtags:
Doing some character drawing for HalCon. Just finished a sketch of this concept. #Postfolio $characterDrawing #HalCon
An explanation of how Collection labels are handled by
IF The Collection name doesn't exist THEN A new Collection is created based on the label
IF The Collection name already exists THEN The post is placed under the Collection of the same name.
IF No Collection label is given following #Postfolio THEN The creative is placed in your portfolio root.
IF The Collection hashtag appears somewhere else in the message THEN The creative is placed in your portfolio root.


How do I post an image from social media?
Create a social media post with an image as you normally would (if you're using Twitter with multiple images in a tweet, only the first image will be used). Ensure that your post includes at least the #Postfolio hashtag. Additionally, you may provide a Collection label for the post. Note that a Collection label, if provided, must come directly after the #Postfolio hashtag. Example:
#Postfolio $HalconSketches


How do I post an image within
When you are signed in, you may select the "Post" button next to your user avatar (found at the top of any page) to begin composing a new post.


How do I add filtering tags to a post?
When creating a post, simply use Hashtags. They become filters on your work. A filter like #Logo is perfect for your latest logo work.


How do I push my post to my other social media accounts?
Some social media pages allow receiving of posts. So far, Twitter and Facebook only support this. When you create your post, you will see icons next to the post button (provided you associated those accounts). By toggling them on, you will activate push. By default, they are not activated when you post.




What is a Collection?
A Collection is a great way to display a grouping of creative works that all belong together. Additionally, a Collection provides an excellent way to showcase works that are unfinished and in-progress. Use Collections to maxamize the organization of your portfolio.


How do I create a Collection on my portfolio?
Create a new Collection when you make a post. Simply specify a new CollectionName rather then an existing name in the CollectionName field of the post page.


How do I post an image into a Collection?
Post an image as you normally would, but under the CollectionName field begin entering in the name of the Collection you want this image to be grouped by. will auto-complete the name if it already exists. A new name will create a new Collection.


I'm uploading an image into my Collection and it isn't appearing.
When uploading an image, will provide an alert box with the corresponding error. Please note, this alert box only appears for a brief moment. Note the error message you are receiving and make corresponding changes. Some typical problems are:
  • File size is too large.
  • File dimensions are too large.
  • File may be corrupt.
  • File format is not recognized.


I don't see my Collection in my portfolio. What's happening?
There could be a few causes for this. Ensure that the filter currently selected corresponds to the Collection in question. If the Collection is older, it may be further down your portfolio page (and not visible).


How does decide which image becomes my Collection cover image?
Your cover image is not the hero image on your portfolio, but rather, then image that appears prominently on the Collection card. chooses the newest image to display as the card for the Collection.


How does decide which Collections to display first?
This is determined by filtered tags, which are listed on the left side-bar of the portfolio page. The default filter is "Latest" which has the effect of displaying the most recent Collections and posts first. If an individual viewing your portfolio selects a filter tag, your portfolio display will update correspondingly.


How do I edit or delete a Collection?
First, select the Collection you want to modify from your portfolio. Before the first hero image of the Collection will be an Edit button. Selecting the Edit button will present you with options for:
  • The Collection Title
  • The Collection Hashtag
  • The Collection Description
  • Deleting the Collection


Are there limits on how many Collections or images I can have?
Nope! You can have as many as you like in both your portfolio or in a Collection.


Account Help

How do I sign up?
Create your account on the sign up page here. You may create an account one of several ways, including associating an existing social media account (recommended).


How do I reset my password?
Click the "Forgot my password" link found on the log in page.


How do I change the email address associated with my account?
This option is available from the Settings page from your profile/portfolio page.


What is my URL?
Your URL is our domain followed by a forward slash and your username.


How do I change my URL?
You can change your portfolio url by changing your username on the settings page.


How do I change the Twitter username that my account is associated with?
You can change the Twitter username associated with your account by removing your current association, logging out of Twitter, and then re-associating your account with the new Twitter account.


Can I make my profile private?
This feature is not currently supported. Extended privacy controls will be available in a future release.


How do I delete / cancel my account?
This feature is not currently supported. The ability to permanently remove your account will be available in a future release. supported.



I'm having trouble logging in.
Ensure that you are using the correct username and password for your account. If you still cannot access your account, consider resetting your password by selecting "Forgot my Password" from the login page.


I'm posting from my social media account, and my image isn't appearing.
There could be various reasons for this:
  • Posts from social media are ingested every 10 minutes. Your post will likely appear soon.
  • Ensure that you used the #Postfolio hashtag somewhere in your post's message text.
  • If you want the image to appear in a Collection, ensure that you follow the #Postfolio hashtag with a Collection hashtag.
  • You may have filtered your portfolio by selecting a tag. Ensure that "Latest" is selected. This will have the effect of displaying your last post first on your portfolio.


I'm posting from Twitter, and my image isn't appearing.
Due to the character limit on Twitter, and the number of characters required for the image url, your tweet may be over the character limit for external API ingestion. Check the length of your tweet to determine if this is the case. We recommend posting the image directly.