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Perfect for Creative Professionals

Welcome to the exciting new service by Artists, for Artists. This service will enable you to automatically generate a body of work based on what you post on social media. This enables creative professionals who use the platform to be competitive when looking for work.

How you'll save time using this

We began this project as a solution to our own portfolio needs – every working artist has had that moment when they need their portfolio to look its best. It is often a very time-consuming task to update and organize your portfolio with your latest work. Postfol.io automatically does this for you, and if you often post your finished or in-progress creatives to Twitter or Facebook, then Postfol.io won’t even change your workflow. Yay!

So who are the creators?

Postfol.io is being built by co-creators; Michael Dogan, Mike Jeffrey, and Nathan Myles in Halifax, Nova Scotia CANADA – Together, they have over 25 years of experience in their fields with a passion for developing fantastic products and software for the web.

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Michael Dogan   Co-Creator

As a Co-Creator of Postfol.io, Michael is responsible for leading the project's strategic growth, direction and technology strategy. Michael Dogan is a Canadian internet entrepreneur, and graphic designer. Michael’s career has spanned over 15 years in the agency world, with experience in corporate identities, branding, and marketing. Eight years ago, Michael expanded into the world of software development and user interface/experience design.

Michael attended McKenzie college in their interactive multimedia technology program in Halifax before beginning his career where he has worked on marketing campaigns big and small, and had been junior partner at Black Dog Advertising before leaving to co-Found a successful startup that curates internet video in 2008. Additionally, he is a member of the board for the Preston Arts Center. He has a love for the arts, music, developing apps as well as a love of game design and attending hackathons.


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Mike Jeffrey   Co-Creator

A Co-Creator of Postfol.io, Mike is responsible for leading the product development and developing brand strategy. A Graphic designer and illustrator, Mike began his career in marketing, working on brand development, advertising and interactive design. He then moved on to user interface & experience design and development in 2012.

With a love of pop culture, comic books, video games and animation; that influence is evident in his personal projects. Whether it's sketching, or designing posters for local comic conventions, art shows, small business owners, or non profit organizations.


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Nathan Myles   Co-Creator

As a Co-Creator of Postfol.io, Nathan Myles is responsible for leading the project's technical implementation and deployment. Nathan is a software engineer and entrepreneur. He started developing software while studying entrepreneurship at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After graduating in 2009, he attended the information technology program at the Nova Scotia Community College. Nathan has experience in many areas of software development including design, implementation, and deployment. He loves developing web applications, mobile applications, and server-side backend APIs to power them.

Nathan has worked everywhere from small start-ups to the federal government of Canada. He has worked both to support clients and to build innovative products. Nathan is always looking for the next side project or idea that will change the world. He likes to engage with the development community in Halifax and attends many social events and hackathons around the city.


Flourish your career!

Whether you are just starting out or have been creating for a while; we feel strongly that the platform and tools we’ve created will be of benefit to you. We sincerely hope you find this platform helpful as you move forward into developing your professional portfolio, and ultimately, your career.